Probably the most frequently asked question at the edge of your pool. A full inverter heat pump uses the outside air and converts it into heat for your pool. And it does so in the most intelligent, energy-efficient way. By taking a good look at the size of your pool, you can easily choose the right heat pump. So you can also swim laps when the weather is not so good.



A full inverter heat pump has a high efficiency with which you heat your pool in the most energy efficient way. Because of the variable capacity, the heat pump never uses more energy than necessary. The pump itself chooses the necessary power to heat your pool. This can provide you with considerable energy savings.



Shh, at the edge of your pool you want to be in peace. A heat pump in operation always makes noise. Because a full inverter heat pump usually operates at low power, it produces less noise. The Blueplus heat pump also has a remarkably low noise level (about 20 dBa at 10 meters). So you can relax by (or in) your pleasantly heated pool.



How easy is it when you can see on your smartphone if you can dive into the pool already? You can monitor and control the Blueplus Inverter heat pump with a handy app. You choose the desired program, see if the chosen temperature has already been reached and in case of a malfunction you are immediately informed of what is going on. Easy peasy!

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