HIt is your pool pump that keeps your pool in top condition. It pushes the water to your filter installation and your heat pump. So the water remains clear, free of small dirt particles and at the right temperature. The pump also keeps the water moving. This way disinfectants such as chlorine can do their job properly. So your pool is always sparkling.


Who wants to listen to the hum of a pool pump all day? Don’t you? We thought so too. That’s why we worked very hard on a whisper-quiet pool pump. In 2017, we started developing a solution. In 2020, we were able to successfully launch the INVER SILENCE technology. It is the first core technology in pump applications that focuses on noise and electricity consumption.

Even when running at full capacity, the INVER SILENCE pump is 20 times quieter than a conventional pump. In heavy applications like backwashing, the noise level of such a pool pump can easily exceed 70 dBa. Scientific research shows that from 60 dBa you can speak of noise. In the long term, people feel more irritated and distracted in the vicinity of a noise source of 70 dBA. The auditory nerve can even suffer a degree of damage, especially in children. With this pump, you completely shut out too much noise. Fine for you when enjoying a glass on your patio and fine for your neighbors, too!


REFpool volume (m³)Noise level at 10m dB(A)Noise level at 1m dB(A)P1 (kW)Spanning (V/Ph/Hz)Backwash QmaxBackwash Hmaxwater column (m³/uur) at 6Mwater column (m³/uur) at 8Mwater column (m³/uur) at 10M
0104100140-5518.5-31.038.5-51.00.1-0.70220-240v /1ph /5027.519,112.9-18.68.1-15.38.7-11.1
0104100260-8020.0-33.140.0-53.10.14-1.0220-240v /1ph /50322113.5-23.112.0-20.110.9-16.5

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