Only for RGB lighting

Connect up to 5 led lights very easily. With the Plug & Play cable of 24 meters of our led lights you quickly connect them to the transformer. An intuitive remote control for direct color selection is included in the package as standard. The remote control also allows you to adjust the intensity of the RGB lights.

With extra wifi module so you can also use your smartphone as a remote control for your pool lighting. Thanks to the user-friendly application you can choose the desired color with one simple click. You will be able to choose from 16 million colors! In addition, the transformer has a dual-zone function. Would you also like to connect the garden lighting and manage it with the same remote control? That is perfectly possible!

10052016blueplus Brite controller with remote control + Wifi up to 2 lights24 V DC176 x 108 x 111 mm€600,24
10052017blueplus Brite controller with remote control + Wifi from 3 bulbs and more24 V DC176 x 108 x 111 mm€634,12

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Of course, we are not afraid to make some waves in our industry. We want to come up with solutions for our customers so they can grow. That’s why we always want to improve and renew ourselves. As a brand for customers who want to make a difference, make sure we have everything. Everything for swimming pools from A to Z.

Our ultimate goal? To shake the industry to its foundations. To simply be the best in everything we offer and, as a Belgian player, not be outdone by the ‘big boys’.

With hard work and our own approach, we create a product line for our customers with which they can leave their competitors far behind. A brand that is ready for the future. And by sharing insights, we innovate and grow together.

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