The blueplus HEAT PUMP CLEANER cleaner is indispensable for any heat pump. It cleans the evaporator, condenser and finned grille at the rear of the heat pump. By cleaning these parts regularly, the heat pump achieves the best performance and promotes longevity. This is because a clean grille ensures that the heat pump always draws in enough air to easily achieve the promised efficiency.

  • Cleans easily and quickly without damaging stainless steel, steel, etc.
  • Extends the service life of the heat pump
  • Protects the evaporator and increases the efficiency of the heat pump
  • Reduces ice formation on the heat pump
  • Safe to use on the components of the heat pump
  • Easy to dose thanks to the spray nozzle
  • Intensive cleaning without the use of external tools that could be harmful (e.g. a compressor or pressure washer)

Getting started

The blueplus HEAT PUMP CLEANER initially provides a protective layer on the fins. Spray an opaque layer on the slats from top to bottom. Leave it on for 10 minutes and then rinse clean with a garden hose. Repeat the treatment several times a year for optimal performance.

CAUTION ! Never clean dirt inside or on your heat pump with a pressure washer or hoover. This will cause permanent and irreparable damage to the heat pump.

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