From the waterline to the bottom of your swimming pool, a greasy deposit forms over time, giving a discoloured and slippery feel. To clean this properly, blueplus has developed LINE CLEAN.

  • Removes quickly and very efficiently the greasy edge above the water line (stainless steel, polished concrete, tiles)
  • Concentrated alkaline cleaner

Getting started

Perform cleaning after a back-wash or partial emptying of the pool, so that the dirt deposit is clearly visible about 5 cm above the water surface. Use a cloth, brush or sponge of your choice, depending on the surface to be cleaned and a tub or small bucket filled with water. Apply a small amount of blueplus LINE CLEAN to a sponge and rub the product onto the soiled surface. Allow to act for about 3 minutes. Rinse after with the water from the bucket (using a damp sponge) and prevent the contaminated water from entering the pool. Perform the operation a second time on heavily soiled surfaces such as the corners and skimmers.

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Have you just installed a new pool? Then as an installer, you can offer your customers something extra with quality products that make all the difference. And as the owner, you don’t have to spend time searching for the right products.

blueplus CHEMICALS has all the maintenance products you need to fight bacteria and keep your pool water clear and pleasant. First measure the values and then adjust the pH, alkalinity and chlorine levels to prevent algae and other impurities.

Want to give your pool a major maintenance? blueplus CHEMICALS has the right products for that too. Think about cleaning the water line, the heat pump, the pool shutters, …


blueplus is here for the pool builders and the pool lovers.

And we’re not afraid to make some waves!

Of course, we are not afraid to make some waves in our industry. We want to come up with solutions for our customers so they can grow. That’s why we always want to improve and renew ourselves. As a brand for customers who want to make a difference, make sure we have everything. Everything for swimming pools from A to Z.

Our ultimate goal? To shake the industry to its foundations. To simply be the best in everything we offer and, as a Belgian player, not be outdone by the ‘big boys’.

With hard work and our own approach, we create a product line for our customers with which they can leave their competitors far behind. A brand that is ready for the future. And by sharing insights, we innovate and grow together.

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