This is a fast contact adhesive ideal for bonding soft insulation. Water-resistant assembly adhesive and sealant. Powerful bonding of virtually all materials such as wood, concrete, brick, iron, steel, zinc, Styrofoam (does not burn through), mirrors, rock and glass wool boards. Can also be used as joint and sealant.


  • Well-known, neutral adhesive sealant based on MS Polymers
  • Has a durable permanent elastic adhesion
  • Does not contain silicones, isocyanates or solvents
  • Also adheres to slightly damp substrates
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use


Apply sealant one-sided and bond within 10 minutes. Simple pressing is sufficient. Can also be used with a glue comb or spatula. Substrate must be clean, dry, dust- and grease-free.Use preferably between +5°C and +40°C.


The latest generation of hybrid polymers have many improvements over conventional MS polymers:

  • Faster adhesion
  • Longer shelf life (18 months in original packaging)
  • Better adhesion on plastic, without primer
  • Very good adhesion under water

Silicone and/or adhesive for swimming pools. Repair and adhesive for mosaic, coping stones (around pool and underwater), decorative elements, skimmers, small cracks and all types of seals and joints.Can be used on damp substrates.

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13050001white290 ml12 / box
13050002grey290 ml12 / box

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