A pool cover is one of the most important pool products. Therefore, the choice of cover deserves full attention. A well-functioning cover will greatly enhance pool enjoyment. Thanks to its very high quality, the cover has a long lifespan. This is achieved through additional UV protection, hail resistance and optimal profile geometry.

The different slats differ in colour but also in properties: insulation, heating and reducing algae growth. Which slat is the right one depends on a number of factors: location of the pool (inside or outside, sun or shade), desired functionalities (only insulation or also heating), budget and taste.


By covering the water surface, the heated pool water does not evaporate. The heat is retained in the pool. As the water evaporates, so do the chemicals. So with a cover, you not only save on heating costs but also on water and chemicals.


Solar slats heat the water as the sun through the transparent top heats the black underside. This can vary up to 10°C! A pool with automatic slatted cover saves about 50% energy costs and up to 80% with solar slats. Additional heating during the season is then normally unnecessary.


Algae growth is caused by the combination of sunlight and stagnant water. With a dark chamber in the hook connection, almost no algae form in the slats because light no longer reaches the standing water. By using these Premium slats, the cover stays clean much longer.


The price of a slatted cover naturally depends on the size of the pool. PVC white and grey slats insulate perfectly, Polycarbonate solar slats heat the water and Premium slats reduce algae growth. The choice of these additional options determines the total price. These options are clearly divided into three different price categories: Standard, Comfort and Premium.

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Comfort PVC slats+++++
Comfort TRI Polycarbonate solar slats+++++++€€
Comfort TRI Polycarbonate transparant slats++++€€
Premium TRI Polycarbonate Anti-Algae slats++++++++++€€€

Let's make some waves.

Taking a dip in your pool is blissful! Fishing out leaves every day and paying a fortune on electricity, not so much. The blueplus COVERS help you avoid that. Not only are they more than qualitative and user-friendly, they also help you to:

• save energy
• increase the safety of your pool
• reduce pool maintenance

The blueplus COVERS collection has a wide range of slats in PVC and polycarbonate. Polycarbonate solar slats are also an option. As they also heat the pool, they provide both economic and ecological benefits.

At blueplus, we are convinced that we can provide a cover for every pool. Also for your project(s). We are happy to help you with the right service, guidance and training.

blueplus is here for the pool builders and the pool lovers.

And we’re not afraid to make some waves!

Of course, we are not afraid to make some waves in our industry. We want to come up with solutions for our customers so they can grow. That’s why we always want to improve and renew ourselves. As a brand for customers who want to make a difference, make sure we have everything. Everything for swimming pools from A to Z.

Our ultimate goal? To shake the industry to its foundations. To simply be the best in everything we offer and, as a Belgian player, not be outdone by the ‘big boys’.

With hard work and our own approach, we create a product line for our customers with which they can leave their competitors far behind. A brand that is ready for the future. And by sharing insights, we innovate and grow together.

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