No more chemicals, hydrolysis is a more eco-friendly solution for your pool. It protects your health and ensures clear water through the year. It’s simple: from lightly salted water (with a salt level almost comparable to drinking water) a titanium cell produces and circulates chlorine in order to destroy bacteria, algae and chloramines without leaving any residue or pollution. Salt recomposes automatically before being recycled into chlorine again. You enjoy a perfectly disinfected pool, in serenity and comfort.

With saltwater chlorination, you choose:


  • When you’re not home, have no fear of having cloudy water
  • Your pool is automatically disinfected,
    its maintenance is no more a chore
  • Easy setting and user friendly device


  • No more chemicals to handle, store or buy
  • Contribution to environmental preservation


  • Swim in pure and safe water when it comes time to relax
  • Enjoy therapeutic benefits of saltwater
  • Forget sore eyes and dry skin


For the electronic control, we have also chosen to monitor the current, a much more demanding technology. It is difficult to master and thus insufficiently spread out, it is however much more effective than the very common technology of the tension control. Indeed, the current monitoring allows a constant chlorine production even if the cell is partly scaled, the pH incorrectly stabilized pH, the bather load important or if the pool surroundings are planted with trees. It is thus useless to modify the chlorine production level all over the season as it is necessary to do for the majority of the other devices. The second interest of this technology leans in the process of self-cleaning cells.

Why choose blueplus hydrolysis?

  • Smart Power: current control to ensure stable production
  • Intelligent pH regulation proportional to the volume of the pool
    in acid (pH-) or basic (pH+) mode
  • Chlorine production control by ORP sensor
  • Self-cleaning cell by polarity inversion with memory,
    adjustable according to water hardness
  • Operates for any salinity above 1.5g/l (LS) without high limit
  • Superboost mode: 125% superchlorination for up to 48 hours
    to compensate for increased need for disinfectant
  • Low mode to reduce chlorine production with cover installed
  • Automatic winterization and restart
    depending on the water temperature (15°C)
  • Display of water temperature, salt content and cell life
  • Multilingual communication interface
  • Multilingual alarm message:
    malfunction origin indicated by written message
  • Safeguards: high and low ORP values,
    setpoint not reached, setpoint overrun and pH overdose
  • History storage
  • Self-diagnosis program for easy maintenance
  • High quality pH Blue and ORP Gold probes,
    tested and and calibrated at the factory
  • Integrated silent dosing pump
  • Compatible with the new European regulation (N°2019/1148):
    adjustable pH correction agent concentration
  • Transparent accessory holder

Kit composed of:

  • Electronic box
  • Electrolysis cell
  • Cell cable (2m)
  • Flow sensor
  • pH Blue probe
  • pH 7 & pH 10 calibration solutions
  • ORP Gold probe
  • ORP 470 mV calibration solution
  • Probe holder and injection fitting
  • Accessory holder with plugs
  • Salt / temperature sensor
  • Salt / water hardness analysis kit
  • Clamp saddle (dia 50mm)
  • Power cable (2m)
  • Union end dia 63mm x2 (50mm model <80m3)
  • Reducer 63/50 mm x2
  • Wall mounting bracket (with screws)


The blueplus hydrolysis connects easily to the bluematic system. Login via the app, find your values and adjust where necessary.

Download our product sheet

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Let's make some waves.

Yet the technical installation is at least as important for enjoying a swimming pool without worries. That is why blueplus TECHNICS developed a product line with exclusive appliances that make the difference. As an installer, you offer your customers guaranteed quality. And as a pool owner, you know for sure that the technology behind your pool is in tip-top order.

The blueplus TECHNICS range includes the right equipment for a perfectly functioning swimming pool. We use the latest technologies. We make it easy for installers and we take the user’s comfort into account. Think for example of quiet and easy-to-use devices.

blueplus is here for the pool builders and the pool lovers.

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