zandfilter premium semi highbed


  • Glass fiber reinforced laminated polyester filter
  • High quality plexiglass transparent lid of 470 mm
    for easy maintenance
  • Supplied with vent valve and pressure gauge
  • Supplied as standard with Praher 6-way valve
  • Maximum working pressure = 2 bar
  • Test pressure = 4 bar
  • 10 year warranty on tank and 2 year on valve
  • Connection between tank and 6-way valve
    by standard 3-part PVC coupling
    for easy optional connection of automatic valves (e.g. Besgo)
  • 100% tested after production

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02073011500125 mm400 mm500 mm980 mm0,211’’ 1/225 kg140 kg120 kg10 m³/h
02073011650125 mm450 mm650 mm1070 mm0,322’’33 kg250 kg200 kg15 m³/h
02073006760140 mm500 mm760 mm1200 mm0,502’’45 kg504 kg400 kg22 m³/h
02073012950140 mm500 mm950 mm1200 mm0,602’’55 kg620 kg500 kg30 m³/h

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